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    Ready to start on my 05

    Ok guys I am ready to start working on my 05. I want to keep the engine stock so porting and such are out. I have some questions about what I should put on this ski.

    1 which ride plate to use. I have a protec unmoddified plate, a Riva skeg unmoddified plate, and a Riva moddified plate.

    2 which intake grate. I have R&D 800 and 1200 and Riva 800 and 1200. I am thinking I will end up using a 1200 as holeshot is more important to me, but which one to use?

    3 Trim Tabs. Use stock or Riva extended

    4 Should I use Riva reed stuffers?

    5 Stock impeller or aftermarket? I am going to keep the engine stock.

    6 I am going to install PPK.

    7 87 or 85mm nozzle

    8 stock steering nozzle or Riva extended

    9 will my umi steering mount to this ski or will the off throttle sensor stop me from using this.

    10 FF or stock sound suppression. I am thinking that I will use stock as I am not into big sound, but if this will benifit me some how I might think about it.

    11 Remove screens in stock air box or not. I am not wanting to get controller, will this run lean? Power filter? Will this cuase me to run lean without a controller?

    12 Riva Pump cone or Stock cone. I have both any great benefit or not that great.

    13 D plate now or wait for cat to go bad.

    14 cat chip or not I have heard the 05 will not need it.

    I am wanting to set this ski up for riding 6-9 inch chop and on the rare chance some jumping. Let me know what you think and if there is anything you can add let me know.

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    Oh ya and thanks in advance

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    1. If theres chop I would modify the skeged plate or test against the protec to see what works best for you.
    2. Not much difference in brands. I use R&D but I have noticed more casting flaws on it than with the riva. 800 for speed, 1200 for all around riding, is the general way of approach.
    3.stock is fine
    4.I wouldnt bother with them.
    5.aftermarket, either a 13/19 dyna or a 14/20 and possibly need a repitch depending on other mods completed.
    8.stock is fine
    9.I dont know
    10.stock will be faster with your ski anyway.
    11.You can remove screens and use a power filter if you dont use the free flow exhaust without a controller.
    12.keep the stock.
    13.Now. If you wait it could make a mess.
    14.It dont need a cat chip but you might have to put in a resistor. (I did)

    I would also check into the jetworks or "holeshot mod".

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    1. Run a skegged plate for better handling in the chop/rough, however. If i were you, i would test all 3 on your ski.

    2. run the 1200 for all round (no difference in the brands)

    3. Trim Tabs. Use stock and step them (drillout the middle hole), all the way up in the front, all the way down in tha back)

    4. reeds: any modification will require an EFI.

    5. Impellor: 13/19 pitch either solas dynafly or the skat track typeR

    6. Good idea

    7. stock 85mm bored to 68.8mm with the oem syphon removed (gives more revs and allows you to run a setback impellor)

    8. Go for the R&D Hydro Force Steering Nozzle
    See this post:

    9. It should fit, depends if its the bars, or the entire steering column. *im sure youll be able to make it work with a minor mod if it doesnt

    10. Keep the stock, else youll need to go for the EFI, and you only need to run FF on a heavily modified ski.

    11. Remove the screens and add a cone filter to the front. (a K&N filter will work) (do not remove the entire airbox and add the race filter, as this requires an EFI)
    See this post:

    12. stock

    13.Dplate , get rid of the CAT ASAP !!

    14. Resisotr will work for you.

    Add the jetworks mod, youll be amazed at the difference !

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