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Thread: 96 SL900 Advice

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    96 SL900 Advice

    I purchased this ski along with my 97 900 with the intentions of selling it after it was fixed. However, my wife likes my "lol" 97 900 and wants to sell her 95 750. The problem is that the 96 900 is locked up tighter than a "insert inappropriate sexual reference here." and at the very least a partial rebuild is in order.

    Somethings I am going to change over is to install 97 handle bar controls and do a custom paint and trim job on the hull. The 97 took me to 65 @6430 "MFD" at 270 lbs Now in addition to losing about 40lbs from my lard butt, what if anything can I do to get that speed up there. I would gladly change some top speed for acceleration. But at the same time dropping a grand or more is not an option b/c I already have to fix the engine.

    I know I am not the fastest ski on the lake but I can deal with that b/c I only have 3.8 k in all three skis with two trailers. I just figure if I am going to do the custom paint and break open the engine I should at least give it more power. "Insert Tim Allen's famous more power line" Thanks guys


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    Christian, you're having too much fun with this stuff. LOL
    If it were mine, I'd be looking at a 1200 upper end as there is no replacement for displacement.
    92 octane domes
    Carb Mods, including the installation of high speed screws
    Impeller to match
    I'm sure others will give you plenty of ways to spend your money.

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    hello will 1050 cylinders and pistons work on 900 engine. thanks wayne

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    Yes,The 1050 top end ( need to use all 3 cylinders,heads,pistons) will work on the 900 bottom end.The 900's and (most)SLTX 1050 used 38mm carbs.SL1050 (some later SLTX) used 40mm carbs.Watch your carb jetting as soon as you get it running!

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    The biggest you can go stock is 1050 with it. The 1200 uses a longer stroke. Otherwise everything PH20 said.

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