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    Jump starting & hole shot

    My first question is about jump starting. I have always used a charger for for a dead battery but I have noticed a few time already people pulling their car or truck up to use jumper cables. A few weeks ago I was out on the lake and had an issue and wasnt sure what to do so I took the battery and ran up to walmart and just paid for a new one instead of taking the time to go home and charge it to see if it held a charge. (Small price to pay to stay on the lake.) Jumping a battery like this will it hurt it? I know people and I have done it several times on cars but I just wondering if there was a difference between a ski and a car.

    Second question is about hole shot. What are some cheap and easy mods for hole shot. Mine is just not where I like it. IMO i thinks its crap . which brings me to my third question

    Carb cleaning and adjusment. Anybody know of someone in the Dallas Texas area thats good at a resonable price. I know I could do it myself but I would like to let someone else do it the first time around and let me hopefully watch and learn.

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    I wouldn't use a car/truck battery. If you do, make sure to disconnect your MFD. Hole shot upgrades would be a Jetworks valve and a Wet Wolf Adjust A Thrust. Neither I have used personally, just read about the benefits they are supposed to give.

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    A good waterbox/flame arrestor combo make a really big difference on the hole shot. With just these two upgrades, I would beat just about everything on the lake out of the hole.

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    IF you use a vehicle, DON'T have the engine running!
    Attach the positive jumper to the positive post on your ski.
    Attach the ground juper to the engine ground.
    As x stated, disconnect the MFD as a spike will take out your MFD.

    Hole shot?
    Raise compression (modified 92 octane heads)
    Advance timing (a PRO CDI should do the trick nicely)
    Reeds as they will force the air/fuel mixture through the engine faster.
    Works valve as x stated, it dries out the stinger for better acceleration.
    If you don't have reedspacer, now would be a good time to install them.

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    I've jumped my ski before with a car battery and snowmobile cables, they are smaller than auto cables. It was fine, but don't leave it hooked up to long. I also did not disconnect my MFD, but that was not wise. I got lucky and it was fine, but they are easy to fry and expensive to replace.

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