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    i have been reading these threads alot and gathering ideas about wha the future holds for my jet, but with all these problems i keep reading,like leaking oil pumps and pans. sheared bolts, error codes, pump issues and a crap load of other problems, is it even worth it?to me it seems like there outta the water and apart more then you ride them. i wanna just do a stage II with the pro racing intake that sucks air from under the seat, and a boost guage. but im kinda rethinking now. someone talk some sense into me??? PR im sure you can do it...
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    As a wise old man once said
    Quote Originally Posted by Wise_Old_Man
    Get a stock ski, keep it stock, ride it, and call it a day!
    but a lot of our problems would happen to any ski regardless of mods, like ceramic washers, cheap bolts shearing, sc bearing failure, oil pressure sensor failure, ect.

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    To add to that, wear rings and bent props. Minor cracks and blisters in gelcote. It seems to own these things, you HAVE to become your own mechanic and glass specialist to a certain extent.

    First time I sucked up a rock, I took it into Seadoo to take care of it. Damaged wearing, prop, Service = new wear ring, repair prop, labor total cost 350 - 400 dollars. Then it happened again.

    total cost if you pull the friggin pump and put in new wear ring may be 50 - 70 bucks, having to have the impeller repaired = 75 - 150 dollars. Still not bad knowing how to do certain things yourself.

    Wrenching your own spark plugs, changing your own oil, and oil filter,

    Pulling the SC, again things you can do yourself.

    I find it a learning experience and with the help of the best on this board, we've got it made in the shade

    I agree with the above though. You may have other issues that do not even relate to a new air filter, new sponsons, intake grate, green wheel...IMHO

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    The major issue is the ceramic washers, get them out NOW, everything else is usually related to the ceramic washer failure or is just a very minor.

    I chipped the gelcoat on my 06 RXT and I will be fixing before riding again, I did not see the log in time to miss it. Is it gelcoat or gelcote?

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