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Thread: oil consumption

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    oil consumption

    recently my sc bearing went and in short a new SC was installed, TB, intake manifold, and IC were cleaned extensively. Oil was replaced and many other things were checked. Ski seems to be running fine (knock on wood).
    It was mention that I should check for oil consumption and blue smoke. I have only been out once and neither seem to be an issue as far as I can tell.
    So my question is, what can I look for should I start burning more oil? What causes more oil to burn? In my case compression was 120 psi for all three cylinders so I think I am ok in that department. I would just like to possibly capture a problem before it becomes a bigger one.

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    theres not much you can do at this point. if you start adding oil or see blue smoke when starting ski or going WOT which usually leads to oil consumption, then you know your rings, cylinder walls, oil control ring is shot.
    the abrasiveness of the injested alum scores the cylinder walls, kinda takes the cross hatch away.
    our crankase ventilation systems coat the sc, hoses, and intake, and intercooler with oily residue/blowby gases although this is normal, this is what made the alum dust stick to those parts. If the sc bearing was slowly going out then you were rubbing for quite sometime, and since it got to the point where catastrophic damage occurred a whole lot of alum went into the intake tract.
    I know of someone who`m this had happened to and the result was oil consumtion and smoke...
    so keep your fingers crossed and pray that you didn`t injest that much.
    Just ride it and keep an eye on the oil and look for signs of excessive/abnormal smoking. truth be told...PR...

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    PR...thanks man. Well at this point I guess all I can do is cross my fingers. I do not think it (bearing) was going for a while, as the ski was running great just up to the day it failed. I could be wrong, hopefully not.
    Is there an easy way to check oil pressure?

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