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    Want to start modding


    I have a 05 RXP that I brought 3 weeks ago. I have 6 hrs on it and waiting to finish up with the break in period! I have some extra money stashed away and for $200 what should I first purchase to improve my RXP?

    I will later this summer get the Stage 1 kit from Riva!

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    The first thing I always get is Hydroturf. And a BSD (Bow Spray Deflector) is another good thing. Finger throttle is a must have for me personally. I like Jettrim midslip seats, but that's also subjective. After that I'd probably do the following in conjunction:

    OPAS removal
    Riva grate
    Riva Spsonsons

    Or just save up and do the whole Riva Stage II altogether

    Jerry, could we start a poll on what the first few mods should be on the RXP? That might be cool info to have.

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