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    96' Polaris SLT780 won't go over 2k RPM

    I've been poking around this site looking for answers to my problem but decided to just put it out there. The ski runs fine until 2k. Then it just seems to shut down. I've read about a limp mode and such. My display shows everything except my fuel. I have purchased a used fuel sending unit but is about 4" shorter than the unit pulled from my ski. I do know that the previous owner just replaced the module and that didn't fix the problem. Anyone have the correct sending unit, float or can steer me in the right direction- I'd sure appreciate it.
    Charlie S.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.
    Limp mode is around 4300 rpm.
    You can remove the float from the short unit and install it into the other.
    It sound's like you have some other problem. What is your compression??
    When was the last time the carbs were look at?

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    Not sure of either. I just purchased both ski's from a co-worker and they both ran fine last summer. The 780 starts right up and runs perfect until 2 grand and that's it. Won't go any over that. I've not run the ski out of the water if that makes a difference. I've got a mechanic working on it right now and will ask abou the compression. He didn't think it was the limp mode either but I had read another thread about this same thing, but the guy didn't seem to get it fixed and was going to put the ski on ebay. Sure would like to get mine running. Thanks for your reply beerdart.

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    Does it drop a cylinder at 2K RPM or does it just bog down?
    Maybe try cutting 1/8-1/4 inch off the plug wire and screw the orange cap back into the clean material.

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    Hey guys, sorry its been so long.

    To help you out with this delima, I am going to recount personal experience as this happened to me when I bought my 96 SL780. The compression of one of your cylinders may be failing after 2000 RPM's due to a leak, which is why it is very important to have the compression checked in all 3 cylinders. If you are lucky, it may be something simple like water in the fuel seperator, which is what my problem turned out to be. Empty your fuel seperator and try that. If that doesnt work, trying shortening your spark plug wires. If that doesnt work, let us know and we will look at some other options. Beerdart is right, your limp mode wont activate until 4300 RPM's so it doesnt sound like that is the problem. You may also want to consider rebuilding the carbs as they can throw out some pretty nasty symptoms like yours.

    Do a out of water test on the ski. Try it without water, but remember not to let the ski run for more than a few seconds. These thing scan overheat very quickly. If your dry run turns up the same problem, than it is more than likely your carbs or the fuel sending unit.

    Let us know what you find and keep us posted.


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    When that happened to my ski, The woodruff key was broken and was FU%^$& up the timing. Just another idea to throw at you

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    Update to this problem. Couldn't find a fuel sending unit and just bypassed the wires. Runs fine now and doesn't cut out at 2k RPM's. There must be something different between the limp mode and when it thinks it's out of gas. I hope this helps anyone else with this problem.

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