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Thread: Rocks BAD

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    Cool Rocks BAD

    Just had a call from my son who was out on my 06 RXT, he was taking off from a spot where he had beached the ski when he heard rocks going through the pump. He limped it a short distance across the lake, but said it would rev up but not go very fast.

    Will my impeller and wear ring be toast?

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    For sure your wear ring I would guess. Have to pull it apart and look.

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    Where do I start? Removing the grate? Is there much to removing the pump, are there any special tools required?

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    sounds like the same thing that happened to me though i dont think it was with rocks but rather some leaves, small pieces of an old tree limb, and heck maybe even a small stone or clam shell . it felt like something that wasnt in gear all the way and then poof , it spit it out and off i went( my brothers did the same thing) now i am new to these skis but i am guessing that i did suck up some type of foreign object and the impeller ate it then spit it out. this sounds like a good way to wreck your impeller especially if it couldnt pass thru so my lesson learned is to never run the boat when you are near the bank or are very shallow. i'll push it off the bank and into deeper water before cranking it. check your intake grate when you get it back

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    Thanks southboundchicken. Apparently the grate looks clean and free of any debri, he said it performed like it had sucked up weeds but he couldn't see any. I wonder if the rock could still be in there?

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    Well you are about to learn how to swap out the wear ring and most likely the impeller. Don't worry there is plent of info with pictures available on this forum. You DON"T pull the grate. Look for threads on this board---it is not that hard. I had to do two RXP's in February. You might as well learn as this will most likely happen again---just last weekend the wife had a branch from a tree get lodged in the wear ring/impeller. If you don't know how to deal with it, it will cost you a bundle and waste a lot of riding time!

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    Oh yeah the rocks can definitely still be there. I had to chisel one out of the impeller on my RXP. Thank you Colorado River rocks! They just spin around stuck in the blades and cut a nice groove in your wear ring.

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    You have to remove the pump and there will be a rock lodged between the prop blade and wear ring. Running it with the rock in there makes a groove in the wear ring real quick. There is no way to see any of this without removing the pump. Grate does not need to be removed.

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    Thanks for all the help and ideas, I guess I will be pulling the pump tomorrow to have a look at the damage. I assume the wear rings are something that most dealers would have in stock?? If the impeller is smacked up abit, would it be ok to just flip the ring and put it back together to use until I can get it in to have the impeller replaced?

    What kind of a job is it to replace the impeller, is that something that can be done myself, any special tools required, are there any instruction for that on this forum?

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    You will need an impeller tool and a 12mm allen wrench to pull the impeller. I had some trouble getting a 12mm allen wrench. Large tool suppliers will have one. The steering nozzle and reverse gate come off with metric wrenches/sockets and everything should be re-assembled with Blue (not red) locktite. Once you get the pump housing off pull the grease cone, put the impeller tool into the impeller splines. Then put the hex head of the impeller tool in a vice and take the 12mm allen screw out of the middle of the impeller---you may need a cheater bar. Then put the whole pump housing in the freezer for a couple of hours. This will make it easy to remove the wear ring---sometimes they just fall out after being in the freezer. If it gives you trouble you can run hot water over the black pump housing. If this doesn't work, you will just have to tap it out. Don't forget to put the new wear ring in the freezer. When ready to install the new wear ring make sure the housing is warm, new ring is frozen, and it should slide into the housing easily. Wipe some grease on the inside of the new ring before you re-install the impeller.
    Reinstall the grease cone---be carefull with those o-rings don't want to pinch one and let water in. AND---I never worked on one of these before this year and I learned all of this on the forum! Good luck let us know how you make out.

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