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    Draining footwells on MSX-140

    So the footwells on the MSX-140 fill up pretty easily. And once you're up on plane they empty pretty quickly. But when you're in a no-wake zone........ man it sucks having to putter around with full footwells. I'm trying to figure out the best way to rig something up so they auto-magically empty themselves. So far - this is what i've come up with.

    I figure a through-hull could be installed on the low point in each footwell, run together, and then connected to a pump which will pump through another through-hull on the back of the ski.

    This will also have the advantage of making it easy for me to empty the footwells after hard rains.

    What pump to use though? I was thinking that a livewell pump could be used since it has an input and output port - and switched on and off as needed.

    or a rule 500 automatic pump could be used. It's diameter would just fit inside a piece of Sched40 2 1/2" PVC pipe and then sealed in, and then an adapter could be fashioned to connect that short piece of PVC to the hoses from the footwell through-hulls. So every 2 1/2 minutes it'll check to see if there is any water, and if so it'll pump it out until it doesn't sense a load. And it can still be manually activated.

    Think this would work? Or am I crazy?

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    So here's 2 other ideas (both of which would use gravity/vacuum and require no moving parts...):

    -Both involve installing a thru hull at the low point in each footwell but maybe better to find something that wouldn't protrude into the area of your foot (I could see catching a toe on that thing and it hurting like hell...)

    -1st way - There are two vacuum siphons molded into the pump nozzle. They connect to the 2 vacuum bildges in the hull...Why not T the bildges together and feed them both to 1 and then use the other one (since it's already plumbed into the hull and everything) and T the 2 drain lines from the footwells into it? Vacuum from the pump would do the trick and require no electrical parts....There'd almost certainly be enough vacuum to pull it out even at idle I think...

    -2nd way - install a thru hull on either side below the footwell on the outside of the hull...either at the water line, just a little above or just a little below as long as it was below the footwells and the opening was facing backwards so water wouldn't be forced up it...Same idea as the pump but maybe/maybe not better/simpler...This way would drain even with the ski at rest/on the trailer though...(well maybe not at rest in the water but almost certainly while idling)...

    Just some ideas...

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    I don't believe you can T the two existing bilges together... if you did that water would only be sucked out if both pickups were under water - otherwise it would just suck the air from one (since air provides less resistance than water). So as long as only having one bilge pickup is fine - your first idea would work. And if it doesn't work as well as hoped - it would be easy to convert the vacuum siphons back to just being bilges for the hull.

    Hmm - maybe i'll try that first.

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    Hadn't thought of that...

    However the hull is so damn dry anyways there's really no need for them... (except in case of a emergency where one would do the trick and in reality you will have wished you installed a 500gph at that point anyways...)

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