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    RPM Raises to 4500 RPM and higher on its own out of water

    01 Seadoo GTX Dual Carb. Had the boat out of the water, and doing the flush on it. Started it cold, Turned on the water, and the rpm start to raise on its own. 1st its 3200 RPM for about 5 secs, then goes to 4000 RPM. I have seen it go to 6000 on its own. If i hit the throttle, it will rev up and stay there even if i release the throttle. RPM wont come down, and i end of having to pull the Lanyard out. Idles great in water right at 1400 -1450, runs strong, no there issues with it. Any ideas? I have changed the plugs, and it still does the same thing.?

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    Air leak is the first thing I would look for. Spray some contact cleaner around the exhaust and carb areas. If it sucks it in and kills the motor (stops running) then thats your problem.

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    air leak or, one of thelittle tiny holes in the throttle chamber is clooged . i have had this happen to me. take carbs off and completly dissasemble the, everything out. take carb cleaner and spray it into the high speed screw side. you should see fluid coming out of 5 little holes in the throttle chamber. if one is clogged time for new carbs you will never be able to clean it out. i hade to buy a new carb to solve this problem. or one of your seals in the block are sucking in air, such as pto or mag seal. good luck

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