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    Unhappy Hull cracks, blistering?

    I've noticed hairline cracks in the gelcoat on the underside of my hull. I've also noticed that the gelcoat appears to be bumpy (maybe blistering) in a lot of areas. Is this normal for Seadoo boats? I have a 2004 Sportster LE.

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    Thin hairline cracks usually froms after either a shock (impact) or an internal stress (tiny movement or flexion) between the fibreglass and the gelcoat.The way to repair them is to grind (or groove) linear to the crack the gelcoat up to the fiberglass in a chamfer way along the thin hairline cracks, then to sand the groove a bit fill with proper gelcoat and the sand with fine grade sandpaper and finally polish it back with the adequate compound....if you are not used to do it get it done....after it is repaired you can not even tell it was there.

    Water Blistering (little bumps and bubbles forming between gecoat and fiberglass on the hull, is a normal thing with gelcoat and fiberglass, the gelcoat is not totally water proof, so if the boat stays often into water, the water gradually pass through the gelcoat and reach the fiber glass underneath where the water begins a special corrosion reaction with the resin of the fiberglass, once again it is repairable, but the gelcoat must be removed/grinded of that section, and then fiberglass buffed and cleaned, then everything redone...!

    Best thing is to wax your hull at least once a season with a good wax, this prevent this, and also to keep the boat not permanently into the water, like in the water to a deck, this eliminate the problem.
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    Thanks ofr the response, I guess I'll be doing a bit of gelcote repair at the end of the season.

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