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Thread: Pro 785 2001

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    Pro 785 2001

    Hi Guys,

    Well you look for a 785 for months then 2 come along at the same time.

    As you all know(from all the questions ) that I now own a 97 785 I haven't ridden it yet as am waiting for my insurance to arrive.

    I have now found a 2001 785 with 8 hours on the clock and is in mint condition, he wants a quick sale as is leaving the uk.

    Now.....seeing as I haven't ridden the 785 is it wise me buying another one as I don't know if I will even enjoy it yet.

    I love my 1200 and am quessing that they are similar.

    He wants 3000.00 for it, around $6000.00, it comes with a trailer, workshop manual and parts manual, and cover and some aftermarket parts.

    Now seeing I spent 2500.00 on the 785, 3000 seem a very good buy. Now from your experience is it worth me buying this ski just on the rareness of these machines, plus I will never find another 2001 with only 8 hours on the clock.

    any input you guys make will be welcome, as will help me to decide

    2 785's and a 1200 will make the garage look good though

    Cheers for all the help,


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    You've got to be Joking
    the pics of your 97 Pro785 made me spew with envy
    absolute show-room condition
    and now your tellin us you've found a better-one
    dunno what the Markets like over there in the U.K., must be fairly cold and you don't ride your ski's much
    what is the scene like??
    I've been told??? there's about 6 in total Pro785's in Oz and they've all had the livin bgerkin thrashed outta-em
    think you should buy-it
    immigrate to Australia, with your ski's
    & come ride with us...and maybe sell us one

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    Sorry mate it's true, I have just spoken the guy selling it, I live in Jersey an island off the coast of Uk, the new ski I want is in scotland so a bit of journey about 700 miles.

    Only ever used on lakes- but we get a good road trip out of it

    The weather in Jersey is good, we are having a bit of a crap summer at the moment but average temp is 22-24 in the summer.

    Good tidal movement over here, so makes for good swell. Well I don't think there is very many 785 in the uk, can anyone tell me if they were sold in the uk, as the 97 I have was shipped in from the US.

    He is going to send me pictures I will post them when I have them.

    I am guessing they are very rare over here as they are in Oz, but it sounds like a plan, I tell you what I have a kiwi passport thanks to my stepdad, I can always take you up on your offer



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    BUY IT! lol

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    I think it would be rude not too

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    No kidding. A Pro with 8 hours would be impossible to find here in the U.S.

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    Yeah pretty good find

    I found out he brought it new got a promotion at his work which involved him moving country so he stored it for nearly five years only coming out to be checked over and re-winterised, he moved back to scotland put a futher 5 hours on it, and decided it's not for him and is leaving scotland again.

    I think it scared him

    So will make the trip to get it, once I have seen the pictures.

    I am 100% going for it.

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    This just gets better,

    seeing as I am showing so much interest in the ski and he is leaving for canada in 2 weeks, if I can get over there next weekend he will drop the price, only a couple of hundred quid but every little helps.

    Am I right in thinking that the engines are the same in the 97 and 01 just that difference of 5 bhp, and are the hulls and topdesks the same?

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    The '01 will out perform the '97 all day long...BUY IT!...and sell the older wont be sorry.

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