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    Insurance question

    where does everybody get their insurance from and how much do they pay? im wanting to get a new RXP and i live in the dallas/ft worth area if that makes a difference. thanks everybody

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    I found state farm to be very cheap. I was paying 80 a month for one ski last year with progressive, that same ski now is 22. I bought a new GTI and it was only 25.

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    Progressive is worth a look. Make sure you specify replacement value and high coverage limits if you are a homeowner or have enough assets to worry about losing if you ever get sued.

    Using what others pay won't give you a true comparison as there are too many factors that determine each individuals rate, your credit score being a huge factor.

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    +1 on what tm1 said, you really just need to call around your local agents

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    Yeah, they are correct. It seems insurance is not based on the item very much, but the risk they see you as and if they will ever have to pay out for it. Where you live also plays a factor.

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    Try Pacific Speciality, I have my motorcycle insurance through them and it's really cheap, $100/yr for the highest liability, almost full coverage. I deal with an insurance broker for all my insurance needs, the last time I talked to her about my PWC insurance she was getting information from them. She has only used Pacific Speciality for motorcycles.

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