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    650sx, want to change engine

    My friend wants to put a better/faster engine into his 650sx but doesn't know what'll fit, any suggestions?


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    750 should slide right in

    later cd

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    hey the 750 want just bolt in u have to change the shaft and mainifold and ect.

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    You can transplant a 750 or 800 into your 650SX. You will need the electronics from the new motor. The intake manifolds are different, but the same exhaust will work on all of them.

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    Use your 650 exhaust manifold on the 750 engine and the rest of your 650 exhaust.
    If you want to use your 650 electrics you can modify the cases on the 750 to mount your 650 stator to it and use your 650 flywheel and front cover. (the 750 has the stator mounted to the front cover instead.) That way everything fits like stock because you are using all stock electrics including your original start/stop switch. I had the 750 electrics and still chose to do it this way.

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    By the way, this electric swap is easier with a 'small pin' 750 than a 'big pin' because the small pin has the tapered hole for the stator wires already drilled. It is just plugged with rubber plug bolted in. The big pin has this hole filled and would need to be drilled out. (remember, the 750 stator was attached to the front cover so the wire exit hole was changed to the cover instead of the cases like the 650.)

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    750cc good idea with some aftermarket parts. Header, racing head, impeller.

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    i did this swap when the 750had just came out swapped over no prblem very easy to do

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