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    Talking '96 speedster - poor hole shot

    Hi everybody. I'm a "first timer on this forum". I bought a '96 2x85hp Speedster this summer and we absolutely love it. It is in very good shape and appears to have low hours from the shape of the upholstry, engine bay and everything else. It does 48.6mph on the top end but is a little sluggish coming out of the hole. The port engine seems to hook up well coming out of the hole but the starboard engine spins up and doesn't hook up well until the boat is up on plane. Then it really takes off and accelerates hard to top speed once the starboard engine hooks up. We were at a friends cottage last weekend and I tried to ski and wakeboard him. I could not get him up. He weighs about 160lbs.
    Iv'e read many threads on boats and pwc's and learned about wear rings and impellers from that. I checked my pumps and here is what I found.
    Port - Small nicks in leading edges of impeller. No visable gouges or wear on the wear ring. On the shaft entrance into the pump housing there is a piece of plastic that is hanging out into the inlet duct by 3/8"
    Starboard - Small nicks on the leading edges of the impeller. No visable gouges or wear on the wear ring. This shaft has a teal coloured protector on it-I suspect it is the part that BRP puts on the shaft to make getting rope out easier.

    1)Should I be able to ski this guy??
    2)Is there a clearence spec for wear ring to impeller?
    3)Are these nicks(all less than 1mm) bad enough that I should be paying attention to them and polishing them out?
    4)If my wear ring is to blame and I change it, will my top end increase?

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    My 2007 Speedster 150 SCIC will pull the arms off of a skiier. Took my wife skiing and she was using a slolem ski and told me to give it full juice once the line was tight... Well, it about ripped her arms off. I have to go about 2/3 throttle until she starts to rise then go full bore until she's up, then back to 2/3 or else it'll hurt her.

    A 160hp Sportster should be able to pop up a skiier without much complaint.

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    Sounds like your wear ring is the problem. Nicks in the impellers don't help any, but you can buff them out if they are minor enough. Get rid of anything hanging into the pump intakes. Check and make sure your shaft seals aren't leaking. Replace both of your wear rings - not just the stbd -while you are at it. Your top end will be helped by properly functioning wear rings. I had a 2001 Challenger with 2 x 85 and it would see the better part of 54 mph (new impellers, new wear rings) and pull a skiier, tuber, or any water sporter without difficulty.

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