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    Newbie checking in Many Questions

    I am shopping for a JetBoat and am close to pulling the trigger. I really want a new 06-07 Speedster 155, but I am having trouble with the pricing and the value of the boat. I am looking at a few other options.

    Option 1 -2000 Yamaha 2000 LS in like new Condition
    Can this be trailered by a car? It seems like a killer package.

    Option 2 - 96 Sea Doo Speedster with new Twin 85's from SBT. About $5K, I am thinking its a little too small.

    Option 3 - 97 Sea Doo Sportster in great conditon.Single 85 motor. $2700, seems like a great deal to get into the hobby, but its kinda small.

    Option 4 - Not a jetboat, a new Stingray 180RX boat for $14K

    General Questions:

    1. How much am I giving up by going with older 2 Strokes?
    2. What are the pros and cons of Sea-Doo's vs. Exciters?
    3. How bad can a 8-10 year old jetboat that looks to be in tip top shape be in the long run?
    4. Can a larger 18-20ft jetboat be trailered by a PT Cruiser LE, and a Honda Odyssey?
    5. Wheres the best place to get a trailer hitch installed on my car, and how much is a fair price to pay?

    All I want to do is squirt around the intracoastal (salt water) with my wife and two young (5 & 6) daughters on Weekends. We will just cruise, hit the beach, and cookout\picnic. Occasional tubing or kneeboarding.

    Thanks guys!

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    I think a C180 215hp would fit your needs better, with the two kids. Those older doos you're looking at are pretty much the same size as the S150 you're thinking about. Anything bigger than the smaller 14-15 ft boats would probably be a bit much for a PT cruiser, but the Odyssey should handle it, you can google for towing specs on both vehicles and if you can't install your own hitch, U-haul does it farly competitively in my experience. A used S200 with the twin 155's might be another candidate, I've heard nothing but good things about them, and no s/c worries.

    How much trouble can an older boat be? Consider the old saying: "the happiest days in a boaters life are the day he buys it and the day he sells it" If you are mechanically inclined and don't mind doing the work yourself, you could probably buy an older doo and make out well. Personally I'd just grab a new one with the four stroke engine, or maybe a low hour used late model, but...and big but here; you'll never know if it had a supercharger failure (if equipped) and was properly repaired. If I were in your position with your needs, I'd get as much boat as I could afford, because as your kids grow, they'll want to be bringing friends and the four seat 15' would get old quick I would think. It's usually only the wife and two Chihuahuas on our Sportster and it fits what we need it do.

    If you decide on one of the supercharged 4tecs, you need to change the s/c washers before you even put it in the water.

    I don't know anything about the Yamahas, I did hear rumors of engine failures on the earlier models, but I'd ask on the Yammie forum for confirmation on this.

    As far as the prop boat goes, having kids and a prop is something to be constantly aware of, they'll slice you up even when they aren't spinning.

    Don't forget to factor in where you are going to store the boat and insurance costs when figuring out how much boat you can get, not to mention a better tow vehicle if you go bigger than the C180, imo.

    You might want to try and arrange as many test drives as you can to get a feel for what fits you and your family best.

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    Im up in Jax and cruse the intercoastal as well. I got a '98 sprotster 1800 2X85 but I was able to pick it up for $3500 with trasfer fees paid. I have only had it for a few weeks but if you have just a bit of small engin knowledge you can get around the regular issues. I plan on using a local dealership to do the yearly. As far as size mine says it seats 7. I would say no more than five comfortablely. And lets be honest one of the benifits of a jet boat is being quick out of the hole if you add to many people, not going to work so well. Size may be a main consideration for you.

    I would say the pulling an 18' shout be fine with the Honda but check the manufacture guidelines.

    The best hitch around to me is from Uhaul. For a class C (5000 pounds) plenty for that size boat will be around $150 after tax.

    hope this helps I love mine!

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    As far as what you can trailer you will find lots of opinions on that in the net.

    I tow my 06 sportster with a 05 passat diesel. Tows nice. I will look into brakes on the trailer but that requires a new axle.

    I have gotten flamed quite a bit for towing with a car- even though mine is relatively large.

    PM me and I will send you some links.

    I personally wouldn't pull anything bigger with my passat. I'd say def not 18-20 foot with your cruiser and boarderline with the van.

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    When I first bought my 20' foot jetboat I pulled it with with my Mazda MPV. I had adjustible air shocks put in the back and that really helped. It was slotted to pull 3000 lbs and based on what SeaDoo's website said I figured I was pulling about 3600 lbs. Rode fine but you just have to accelerate slow.
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    I pull my Speedster 150 with a dodge grand caravan. No problems so far

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