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    First Time to Replace SL-750 Motor

    I have just pulled out my old 750 engine, and am about to install a replacement engine. The new motor has great compression but has not been ran in a while. Nothing is rusted or gummed up but should I lubricate anything in the block before installing this motor (crank or rods).

    I have pulled out the oil injection and capped all lines, and installed the block off plate. I did remove the oil tank and removed the oil level sending unit, will simply unplugging the oil level unit be sufficient or do I need to install a resistor to keep everything happy? I have also upgraded to a triple fuel pump and replaced all fuel lines.

    Is there anything that I may be missing?

    Thanks for any input, this is my first replacement.

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    You can shoot some fogging oil on the bearings. (Or 2-stroke oil)The oil sender needs a 33 ohm resistor to fool the MFD this can be installed in the electrican box or at the cut wires. Or you can leave the float and clamp it full.

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