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Thread: 4 inch intakes

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    4 inch intakes

    For you guys that have 4 inch intakes. Have any of you had leaking of the carbon seal after you put the 4 inch intake on.The reason I ask is because VMan pointed this out. When he was putting his intake on he pointed out to me to make sure nothing comes in contact with the carbon seal. By meaning the kanaflex hose does not touch the boot or carbon seal. and let me tell you it was real tight in a RXP. I thought this was a good lesson learned on account of seeing some boats sink do to the carbon seal leaking. Just maybe this could be the culprit. Anyway thought I would just pass it along.

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    Good point...
    I was able just to loosen the hose clamps on the bellows and rotate 90 degrees so they would not stick up. My kanaflex hose installed without touching the carbon ring bellows...

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