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    Paranoid over battery

    I ordered a battery tender jr. to charge my battery but now I am paranoid wether I'm going to be left stranded because of a dead battery.
    I also run a 4" atwood fan and have always wondered battery status.

    I think I'm going to get a LED battery status gauge
    I think this chrome one looks sharp (also in black) but I'm worried about water.

    I think I'm going to get the universal model in this link. Then mount the light next to my glove box lid.

    Can someone tell me the relay connection where I would need to hook this in so it will turn on when I power the ski. I think Jerry had a picture pointing to it but I can't find it. I know enough about electrics to be dangerous so if someone could tell me how to tap into the relay and get this plugged up I'll be sure to post plenty of pics and instructions when I am through.

    (EDIT: found the 12v switch thing)

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    Great idea, K. I like the single LED version myself. Looks easy to install and takes up no room at all. Might doo that myself to go along with the "Kinchyle Audio System"

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    I ordered this one

    Should have it in a week. I'll post pics.

    It's going to be my "oh shi* light"

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