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    Thats what they should call you. Ross I still don't have all the bugs worked out yet I am getting close. One thing is for sure when you crack those TB open man it comes on very strong. I also want to say thanks for the quick responce when they showed up damaged it been a real pleasure dealing with you your the best. By the way I bored out that nozzel to a true 87 today and it looks great I hope it nets me a few more RPM's.


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    Thank you in return Dave. I know you were disappointed from the good old USPS damaging the velocity stacks. Im glad we got it resolved quickly..
    That newfound throttle response if soooo much fun. That was always my complaint about the yami engine, it was fast, but not quick.. Those days are over.. Now we have both... Enjoy the ride. Ross

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    I keep hearing good things about your TBs Ross. Keep up the good work!
    I've been thinking.... I am about 50 rpms shy of where I want to be in this heat.

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    Most have been getting 80-100 rpm so thats your ticket.. And its not only the top gain, the biggest kick to me, and to most others is the midrange HIT. Its like riding a different ski. Throttle sensitivity easy doubles if not triples in response.. Ross

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    Ross: I got her out today and the nozzel did net me some RPM but unfortunately I lost about 1.5 in MPH that just won't cut it. I guess will have to try something else. On the other hand my old pal GPHOTROD has now entered into the next problem the Buck just as he approches 76 mph she started given him the old Texas rodeo two step .

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    Wow, big loss... Oh well, as testing usually goes, 2 steps forward, one step back..Besides, if everything went as we hoped there would be no challenge...

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