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    A thought about wedges

    I don't own a 250, but I have been reading what you guys are up to, and wanted to offer this. Maybe it will help, maybe not. . .

    Polaris used a wedge in the mid '90's, and most of the wedge equipped ski's also had a cone extension. My guess is that since the wedge moved the venturi further away from the stator, it effectively decreases the pump pressure. So they added a cone extension to try to get some back. I am going to be trying this on my polaris soon, and am hoping that it will pick up some speed.

    Maybe one of you guys wants to look into it? Shouldn't be more than a $30 piece of aluminum. only thing is the time involved in finding the right length.

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    hey maybe a cone wedge also to get the angle corrected towards the exit venturi

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