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Thread: GTX Options??

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    GTX Options??

    Hey guys,

    I am looking at a 97 GTX with a bad engine. I don't have any details about the engine failure yet but I think I can get this for around $500.

    Is this engine rebuild straight forward? Are there any engine mods that could be had while rebuilding without breaking the bank (maybe in the $1500 range) what kind of speed could I expect out of this thing?

    Is this ski worth rebuilding or should I keep looking?

    Thanks for your time guys,


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    axgrider73: can`t say for sure, what`s the condition of the rest of the ski? if it`s not running you really don`t know what is and is not working as well... as far as speed and mods, try posting this again in the 2 stroke section, there some of the 2 stroke guru`s would be able to help you out better! have a good one!...PR...

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