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    750 SL

    Hi guys, I dont know anything about polaris but I have a friend asking alot of questions that I cant answer.

    He is looking at buying a couple 95 750 SL's. Are there any known problems with this model that we should look for? Are they pretty decent ski's overall? He dont plan on winning any world speed records but was wondering if there where any decent cheap mods that work to liven them up some.

    He's planning on looking at them today or at least this week so any advise would be helpful.

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    The 750 is a decent ski he should check compressing and all the other usual stuff. The are some recommended up grades. Top speed stock is around 48-50 with some bolt on stuff. 53-54.

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    Just to name a few worth wild mods:

    • F/A's
    • ported cylinders
    • cut heads
    • extended pump
    • intake grate
    • ride plate

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    Thanks guys, so no real wide spread problems like the clutch on an rxp or the pump tunnel cracking on the GPR?

    What is a decent stock compression on a polaris 750? Thanks

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    Only real issue is the fuel pump and fuel selector. Pump needs to be changed, selector needs to be at least inspected. Other than that, no real issues as far as mecahnically. The guage probably won't work and it will porpise alot.

    Stock compression should be 120 ish.

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    Thanks for the info.

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