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Thread: 180psi Head

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    180psi Head

    Hi Guys,

    I have ordered my stuff from Randy, but was wondering 180psi head on a standard ski is this too high, would it put a strain on the rest of the engine?



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    you would have to use race gas...100+octane

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    Be careful with compression on these Pros. We started with 200psi on our limited. It accerlated very hard, but only made it through about 3 motos before blowing the engine. We backed it down to 155-160 and we run 93 octane with no issue.s

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    The ADA head someone has tried selling me runs 180psi and he runs it on 98octane, well thats what he says

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    Mine is an ADA also. You should be okay with the 98 octane.

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    Compression ratios

    160 lbs maximum on pump gas.. This is my opinion only.. There are some many variables that we couldn't even cover them in here.. My favorite Head / dome combination is the Hotseat head with "one dot" domes.. (approx 12-12.5 - 1 compression ratio).

    Remember, these are just my opinions, and your neighbor might have a 785 pro with 3-dot domes that runs fine on pump gas..


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    I'm with you on that Randy. We pushed my limited to the max for 93 octane, and it is right at 160 psi. I usually add a little race gas in the mix, just to be safe. Even with good race gas when we were running 200 lbs of compression, we were going through cranks like mad. That stopped when we lowered it to 160.

    Thanks for the infomration on the CDIs by the way.

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