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    Newbies on modding your skis

    I have been on this site a little over a year.And have learned a lot.
    I have friends on this board with modded skis.
    What I have seen is people buy HP bolt on parts and think there going to get unbelivible results.Not so. Granted you'll get a little rpm here a little speed there.But don't expect blazing speeds. The point im trying to make is. It cost money to go fast. Jerry,Mark,Nills,these are the top guys who have countless hours of R and D to go fast.And they will tell you a simple bolt on part is not going to make you go 80 mph.

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    these skis (rxt @215hp) are fast enough in stock form so i prefer the reliability and save the cashola for a different toy

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    This is off topic but my 2007 RXP will only turn 6400 rpms and the speedometer says 55 mph at full throttle. Any idea on what the problem may be?

    Just messin' with ya DR. LEN

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