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    To go premix or not.. ?

    OK, so I think I've decided to pull my engine.

    I need to replace the bendix and if I can't get it today in the boat, the engine will come out.

    should I put a blockoff on it? From what I can see the pump looks like its got a nice coat of rust on it.

    How much oil do you need to mix in a 5gal gas can for premix? (I'll get a ratio-rite if I go premix).

    My concerns are:
    1.) not as easy to fuel up

    2.) less range on a tank of gas

    3.) resale value, as I don't know how long I'll keep this ski. Most people don't want premix.

    4.) I have 2 ski's and wont be going premix on my second (well, first) one... so I would have to have one set of gascans for one ski, and one for the other.

    If I decide to not go premix, does anyone have an oil pump in good/used condition they want to sell for cheap so I can replace mine?

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    You have a 1200 correct?

    I have a pump off of a 2002 GPR that only had 40 hours on it when removed. $75.00 plus shipping.

    It would probably be best that it has an oil pump on it for the "general population". If you were going to sell it to someone here I would say go ahead and buy the block off.

    I think the general consensus here is to go pre-mix.

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