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    Talking Modifications for speed?

    I just bought my speedster200 wake and wanted to know of any modifications, accesories or anything I can do to increase the speed!!....Love the boat..just want a bit more speed!!! thanks

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    new boat mods

    to keep it from a dead stop all summer, the first thing you should do is replace the ceramic washers in the supercharger with metal ones. Research this on this boat forum as well as on the 4tecperformance forum.

    Then, you can modify your air intakes to 4" diameter, short, filtered intakes. You can fill the holes and grooves on your hull ride plates. You can install pump wedges to bring more of the hull out of the water. You can install lower temperature thermostats to offset heat-fade. You can ventilate your engine compartment with "flow rites" to afford more/cooler outside air. These are the easy mods. The other available mods depend upon how much you want to spend. Upgrade the supercharger impellers or the entire supercharger; go to an external intercooler; install turbos. These more advanced and expensive mods will require additional complimenting upgrades of things like your fuel regulator, fuel injectors, ecu (computer), jet pump impellers, valve train, ... the answers to your question are contained in all the posts and really fun to research on this list!

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