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    Green wheel produces too much boost!

    I haven't gotten to use the boat in a couple of months, so tonight I went out for the first time with the new Green SC wheel and metal washers. After warming up, I started some high speed runs, then BAM!, an awful sound and 6500RPM max . I head home, preparing myself for another supercharger extraction. What was I going to find?!?

    Turned out that the air hose from the SC going to the IC blew off. Thank the lake gods that I don't have to take that supercharger out again! I had that new clamp on there pretty tight, so obviously the supercharger is producing too much boost now .

    I really didn't get a complete test of it before my stupid mistake put an end to the day. During my initial run, I was only running 57mph, but was into RPM territory I've never been before (over 8100), so my 13/18 might be limiting me now; I will tweak it this weekend. Unfortunately, I have committed the cardinal sin of modding; I didn't test one mod at a time. I have four new mods since my last run (since the boat hasn't been in the water for months), the SC wheel, metal washers, solid engine mount, and a new sophisticated intake system. That new intake is the wildcard. I think I'll give my prop 1mm and see what happens.

    And I don't know if it's the wheel, mount, intake, the fact that I haven't run it in a while, or a combination of 'em all, but man the boat sounds strong. Sounds halfway like I imagine a thru-hull exhaust would sound. I don't notice any increased vibration with the new mount, but maybe it's helping add to the rumble.

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    Take the hoses off. Clean hoses and pipes with windex. Reinstall.

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