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Thread: Riding 7-14/15

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    Riding 7-14/15

    Bp???is It Wash Out????who's Going Where.gave The Pro A Shaking Down Sunday Around 5 At Llyod.popped Another Coupler Ggggrrrrrr .got It Sloved I Think.pretty Much Dialed Except A Tweak Here And There.didn't Like The Prop I Had In It Nu-jet 7.5,pulled Like Crazy Mid And Top But Down Low It Would Just Get Blown Out Of The Water In Turns Because Of The Short Shaft And Forward Mounting Of The Prop.not The Skat Killer Hookup But Not The Top End Of The Nu-jet,don't Feel Like Dropping 350 For A Custom Long Shaft For A Ski That Wasn't Built For Top Speed Anyway

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    bp is cool..rode way up the creek to 287..the south ramp at s.p. is closed..north is open....were riding friday evening around 430p

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    out be out thur afternoon on the north side doing some tubing. hit me up if anyone goes then.

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