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    Smoke An 07 Rxp Today!!!

    I was testing the gtxsc today and a guy on an 07rxp pulled up beside me and asked me if i would like to race. I told him yes and he looked at my ski and said" you do not want to do that, i have 215" I told him we would do it just for fun. He took off and i came out of the water some and hit the rev limiter. this allowed him to jump me by about 2 skis. after i settled down i smoothly went right by him. after getting about 10 in front of him(1/4 mile or so) i stopped and he was hot as hell. he told me he just paid 11,000 for his ski and he could have bought one like mine for cheaper if they would have told him they were faster. the look on his face was priceless. i let him off of the hook and told him if he had the same parts in his ski he would beat me.

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    Nice to know you got your issue resolved.... going 72.3@7750 rpms!!!! That

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    Nice goin Carl....

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    thanks guys, do you think i need to tweak the impeller to maybe get some more rpms?

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    Quote Originally Posted by carl sagan View Post
    thanks guys, do you think i need to tweak the impeller to maybe get some more rpms?
    heck yea! unless you want to play it safe with those cast pistons in that 185 motor...

    that ignition/ECU loves to be right around 8100 rpms typically, but i'm not sure when you will be at or near the danger zone with your stock engine.

    very nice impressive numbers you got there!!!

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    what kinda tweakin should i start with?

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    Carl... I think I would take out 1mm and see how it effects your rpm. Normally it would take a 2mm change to get you near 8000-8100 rpm, but in this case I think I'd go 1mm at a time.

    Nice results

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    What impeller are you running? I have almost the exact same setup with a 14/18.5 and my best speed has been 70.5 at 8100 rpm.

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    i think it is a solas 14/19, i will check again though.

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    yay baby! that`s what I`m talkin bout!, one for the GTX`s!!!

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