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    riva intercooler size?????????????

    does anybody know the size (dimensions) of the riva intercooler core??? what size are the air inlets/outlets??

    what size is the supercharger outlet??? and tb??// thanks

    I am getting ready to fab up a custom intercooler and piping! thanks

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    core 10-3/4 x 4 wide x 4-1/2 tall

    end tanks 2-3/4 tubing

    1/2 npt core threads

    10-1/4 wide end tank to end tank

    i am also having one built actually its done, just need to pick it up.

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    What Size Are You Making Yours?? Thanks

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    How much was it and how long did it take them to make it?

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    do a search for bell intercoolers-- thanks

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    i had them duplicate the riva which they say is a vortec and very inefficient compared to theres, they also use the same size core in kits sold by GS motorsports in the SRT8 SC kits....

    i can't tell you how much but i could buy a couple and still have extra money for the price of the riva kit

    as for how long, i got in line late and my company had a radiator order in before me so it's been about 2-3 months....(my fault)...

    they can also repair/re-core intercoolers FYI.

    i have talked to Bell, would not go with them

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    why not bell??? thanks

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