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    just a thought on oil change

    Wondering if Jerry or any other online stores have thought of selling a complete oil change kit. Instead of looking for filter and oil etc. just sell a complete kit.. ie, oil, filter, O rings and spark plugs??

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    I`ve mentioned this before, and thought the same thing... a oil change kit complete with o-rings would be sweeeet!...

    Oil tho should be of user`s choice...PR...

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    I wouldn't buy it. I have iridium plugs so I don't expect to replace them (not at the $$$ spent on them) I have never changed the o-rings, and I buy my oil by the case.

    I'd be willing to bet that shipping the oil would be a pia, once hazardous paperwork, weight, and oil preference is all taken into account.

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    oil filter and o-rings... oil up to user...
    I use amsoil anyways...they ship right to my door...PR...

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    an ebay store sells the kit.....3 qts of brp oil o rings and a oem filter

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    Quote Originally Posted by wavehummer View Post
    where`s the o-rings?...PR...

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    Not to get off topic, but my dealer only had synthetic 0w-40 in stock. Can I use it? Manual calls for 5w-40 when using synthetic. 07 GTI

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    that looks like a good idea , but thier are o-rings you need too ? sorry im new since i just got my ski sunday and now it doesnt start lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by duty View Post
    that looks like a good idea , but thier are o-rings you need too ? sorry im new since i just got my ski sunday and now it doesnt start lol
    I actually bought a kit from the people wavehummer is talking about. No O-rings with it. Do you have to replace them if you don't damage them on filter removal?This will be my 10 hr oil change in my 06 RXT

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