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    Sneak Peek of my RXT rear seat intake

    I'll be done in a couple days and I'll post better pics. This was from my camera phone before I left work. I'm going to add a custom outerwears and finish dremeling the holes in the seat bottom. I think I'm going to slide tubes in to it and epoxy. Then water can't get into the foam inside.

    It's a silicone 3" to 4" reducer connected to a 4"x4" drainage tube which connects to a 45 degree bend drainage connector, which connects to a 4"x8" drainage tube. Then I put a 4" drainage atrium on the top which I'm going to put a outerwears waterproof pre-filter on.

    The rear container I cut the bottom out and wrap bubble wrap around it. There is slight room around the pipe so water can slide through. Also room for blue ice to sit around the intake inside the container

    I just started on the seat cut. The picture just shows an example of the location (I don't have to cut into the vinyl). I will have about 4-6 inlets going to the container. I'll also be cuttin under the grab bar. I have it planned out pretty well for air flow and still structure for weight on the seat.
    Just have to figure out how to get my 4" atwood fan some room that used to blow hull heat out rear tubes (and leave room for an IC and thru hull)

    Whatcha think....
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    I think your toilet is going to flow real well
    No it looks great :P

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    looks intersting, keep us updated!

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    The 1st picture shows the modification to the underside of your seat... I cannot see what u have had to do (pics a bit pixely)... can you explain?



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    I'll be posting highres pics this weekend.
    I finished the seat last night. That pic was just an example of the location of the air flow. I have seen most people doing the air flow throught the sides and back of the seat cushion for the rxt.

    I find the spot I used best for rec rider because you don't loose the structure of the back seat. Each block I cut out is 1.5x.1.5 square and I cut 7 of them so it should be great flow. I did stress test jumping on the seat (with it on the floor) and also some heavy knees (I do muay thai). Seat didn't show any signs of stress.

    I ordered my water resistant pre-filter yesterday. I'll write down the model number that fit with the 4" atrium cage.

    I'll try to post the new pics tonight. I have to dremel under the grab bar on the rxt and I'll be done.

    I'm pretty excited about this one. It's my 5th version of an intake. My current setup was a 4" seat intake using drainage plumbing (bigger ID). When it warms up I'm going to test the difference of the rear intake and see what numbers I get. Then I'll know which intake is better. I have a feeling this will win hands down and I won't need to worry about water injestion when doing spin outs. I injested water twice even though I sealed the top of the seat with a outerwears pre-filter skirt and put a pre-filter on the front seat intake. That SC can pull some air !!! and water!!!

    This rear seat intake is 4" straight from the SC housing and is about 14 inches before it's pulling 100% unrestricted outside air

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    I think you are onto a winner there mate.... cannot wait to hear your findings,
    Only 14" long and 4" wide, has to out perform the Riva kit.

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