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    Cold day and performance

    So here goes it. Moved up to norman ok and was at lake thunderbird. First time to test out wetsuit, and wetsuit shoes. Air temp was 48 degrees, water temp was 40. I only have R&D grate, and NOPAS. Stock everything else 31 hours. Question at what speed should i have been seeing at 8100 rpms because that was what i was constantly hitting, and in the summer i typically see at most 7800rpms. Question 2. I havnt started it since last september. 1rst crank on the start button it hit 200rpms and then died. Second crank same thing. 3rd crank same thing. 4th crank it finally turned over. Did i do any damage? I know that oil was just all in the oil pan and needed to be sucked in but do you think anything wrong happend?

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    No, I don't think you did any damage by starting it up. Did you winterize your ski?

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    RXP's just generally don't start well in the cold.
    When I do cold water rides I start it on the trailer for a few seconds first.

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