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    XL760 motor burned?

    Just checked my XL760 that would only do 35mph. Front cylinder shows 125 and the back shows 0! The piston/cylinder is smoked but just a couple questions. Does the motor actually come out through the front hull opening? Looks like the floation foam will be in the way. I have an Ebay (screw job) manual that was obviously a knock off compared to my factory WR450 manual. Is there anything better then the stock manual? I will be ordering a true Yamaha manual ASAP. Is this thing worth boring over and putting some HP parts on it. I want to run the stock carb and oil injection set up, so I don't want to get super crazy. Are these any harder then a snowmobile or dirtbike to put new pistons in as I have done that before? Any comments, suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Thumbs up you can do it..

    Firstly welcome aboard..

    second download this:.

    repairing a jetski is not any harder than an Mx bike, other than the difficulty with access to some items..!!

    if you're in any way handy with tools, plus have the Patience to read the manual..??

    you're 99% there already..!!

    the most important thing is... if you get stuck..?? ASK on here for advice..!!

    best of luck..... now get to it bud....


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    Ok, yeah the rear piston was totally smoked with obvious broken ring and leading edge of piston. Beat the hell out of the head and scorched and scored the liner. So can it be honed out as there are no major gouges? Or, do I need to send it in and get it bored over or re-lined? Can they smooth and re-cut the head or should I just buy a new one? And finally what does everyone suggest for a performance supplier for aftermarket parts. Any help will be appreciated. I just pulled the jugs off as it sat in the machine and left the lower end bolted in. Have pics of that also if interested. I posted some of the pics I took and hope it helps. The scoring in the bad cylinder is not deep and a lot of it you can not feel at all. Some is able to be felt with the finger tips sliding side to side over it.

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    More Pics

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    More Pics Again

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