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Thread: Virage Txi 2002

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    Virage Txi 2002

    Im new to green hulk, but i thought it was funny that my 02 virage txi di can beat an 06 honda rx-12 by a longshot. Me and my friend are close to the same weight, him weighing 3 more lbs..i cant see how my cheap little jet ski pulled it off. I think his has 165hp..i have he should have a nice advantage.

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    Virage, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!
    If you get in any ugly water the Virage hull willv run pretty good. Billy Womack sure proved the hull rocked in the endurance circuit.

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    He has a lot more weight to move .Power to weight you have him on toast .When going they are great ski's



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    yeah im not knocking them, i think they look awesome, i was just suprised. i guess now that i checked to specs, he has about 250+him more to move than me.

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    yea those 4 strokes are heavy , where rods ? did he completely leave polaris section till slt time ?

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