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    Suspension Carbon Fiber Seat idea for the RXP?

    Did the XP's have suspension seats?

    I keep hearing that the carbon fiber seats are ball busters

    I was thinking mountain bikes have rear shocks. why can't a carbon fiber jetski seat for the rxp's?

    It would look very nice I think like this page

    Adjustable compression and dampening I think. and also an interchangeable springs,

    You would have to test it out a few times to get your dampening just right. and get the right spring. Your weight will have a factor as well.

    I think that Something like that rear shock set in a V configuration in the rear of the seat might be interesting.

    I imagining a seat that has a pivot point closer to the front of the seat and towards the rear part of the seat suspended by two shocks.

    Maybe even an atwood fan piped through to aid in ventilation.

    anybody come up with a suspension seat yet?

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    I will be building this into my ski. Been toying with the idea for some time now.

    Pretty old thread, but the link is still good.

    Thanks bro.

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