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    Unhappy 93 SL750 no low end

    New SBT motor "unfortunately",rebuilt carbs,mikuni triple pump,oil pump blocked off.
    Carbs are set at the recomended starting point,I can tune a drag race motor but these darn things scare me with all the talk of leaning out and scoring a jug or burning a hole in a piston.
    Sorry for not coming around for a while,after getting kicked off the "STUPID" forum i just kinda had enough of all the crap.
    My brother has a slt 780 and he just kicks the crap out of me,out of the hole and on top end.
    I dont know if this is normal, but its a pretty good butt whoopin!
    I was thinking with his larger size ski,and my new motor it should be a little more even,boy was i wrong!
    Any tips would be great.
    Oh,i wasted my money on an AQUAVIEN intake grate off of e-bay,I cant even tell anything was changed!

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    AJS,good to see you again.
    What impeller you running?
    Engine compression?
    Jetting and needle positions?
    Do you have the restrictor installed on the return line to the tank?
    Remember that 780 rocks on the 750 pretty good. I had a 750 with ported cylinders, domes, etc. and it was dead even with an SLX780 (bone stock).

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    Stock impeller,i think comp. was about 120 psi or so on all three,havent checked this summer.
    All carb settings are stock,im not to good with these things i think they may be overly rich to keep em on the safe side.
    When i stab the gas from idle it dies
    Dont know if restrictor is there or not,where should i look?
    Top end on glass is about 53MPH.

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    With the block off installed, you will want to bump up the settings because you're pushing fuel and oil now, not just gas through the carb. Have you updated the jet pump? A 94 and newer will bolt up to your 93 with no problem and give you better performance. 146mm 92-93 and 148mm on 94 and laters.

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