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Thread: new ecu p-code

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    new ecu p-code

    my new ecu runs great, took it to the lake today (1600ft elev.) with a new 15/20 and ran just under 75mph but as soon as I get over 5000 rpm's the "check eng light" comes on, according to the p- code is says its the knox sensor. my ski never had a piggy back but runs great without it, the only thing I get is a check eng warning anybody know for sure if you are suppose to run the piggyback harness or not?

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    If u have an 04' I would get one to try . They are a free update from a dealer.

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    in the ski we did for a customer, we had to install the knock sensor harness stuff.... initially we took it out and got the check engine code at top speed, came back and soldered the wires back in, and it worked like a charm.. this was on an 05 boat.

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    I will be receiving my new RR Race ECU real soon from Canada. I hope this week. I had the knock sensor update done to my 04 RXP. I noticed Jerry had a post awhile back on how to hook the ECU up and disconnect the knock sensor. Will that be true for the new mapped ECU?

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    Steve, the knock sensor piggy back harness is a plug and play item. Very easy to install. Your Sea Doo dealer should have it.

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    already asked... none in stock and my race is this saturday. not too worried, the ski will be fine without it, ran 3/4 of a tank threw it today and no problems just warn signal over 5000 rpm. even did a 74.8

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