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    Exhaust Alarm and Low RPM's

    Was out riding today on my 07'RXP. Went about 6 miles out and found a nice flat spot in the bay so I gave it WOT. The RPM's would not go over 7350, it held there for about 3-4 deconds then the exhaust temp alarm popped up on the display. Rode it back to the ramp slowly, loaded it on the triler. My Riva Grate was loaded with seaweed also seaweed was wrapped around the impeler. I cleaned the grate out then took the RXP out and went Wide open and 360's getting it to cavitate to clean out the pump. Went back to the ramp and all the seaweed was gone. After that went for a solid 35 mile run. No more echaust alarm but the RPM's would only hit 7700, did that once then would not turn more than 7400 and 54 MPH (GPS). Any Ideas of what is going on with this ski. It is an 07' with 28-29 hours. The few mods i have are in my sig.

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    Check your wear ring and impeller.

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