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    Bad Coil, what sound?

    I was only getting 7550 rpms, changed all washers in S/C as slip moment was at very edge of limits, improvement of 100 rpms a 2 mph gps at 7650 rpms. I am checking my coils because I have elimanated many other things: boost leaks, wear ring, oil level, pump/prop damage, spark plugs, gas, etc...

    HOWEVER, when checking #2 coil, I pulled it and engine rpm's bounced slightly and when I reattached they moved again, engine obviously sounded different at these times...when I did #1 and #3 no change in rpm's or different sounds...

    Please tell me my coil is bad and....I am tired of chasing ghosts!

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    a good deal would take 2 mins to tell you when they hook it to buds they can cut the cylinders and tell you if one isn't working

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    I agree, but good dealers are hard to find..., my local shops wants a shop charge after I wait my turn for two weeks...! They must make their money too...

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    Swap the ciols around - see if the symptom follows the ciol. If not, move the plugs around

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