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    I see that for every post on here about an XLT it says to add a grate.
    But at the same time on other posts I'm told the grate will slow me down in the chop where this is actually ridden.
    The only mods planned on my xlt is , d-plate, and solas 13/19 impeller, would that still call for a grate?
    I am interested in top speed only, hole shots mean nothing to me.
    I was thinking of having a 13/19 done over balance and repitched to a 12/18, would that be wise to repitch if I'm after top speed? If not I am just going to send it for the balance/race finish. oh, and i have been conteplating a pump seal kit.
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    Carl help me out please!

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    if you dont add a grate to the xlt the only top speed you'll be measuring is how fast you fly over the handlebars. this should be the first ( required ) mod for any xlt1200 along with the pump seal kit.

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    Ok, I will check into that then.
    I was wondering, per ???l , he says I need a 12/18 pitch impeller, I have a 13/19 now, by the way you answered an email sent to you on a repitch quote on sunday.
    Whats your input on the pitch?

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