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Thread: 2007 rxp speed

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    2007 rxp speed

    just got an o7 rxp have seven hours on it and its running 64,4 mph on gps is this average. and what the best place to start with to add more speed

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    how much do you weigh? my bros new rxp i think does 67 gps and he is like 170lbs

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    Your ignition is holding you back until you get 10 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brad952 View Post
    Your ignition is holding you back until you get 10 hours.

    I was just going to say that, cause when i bought mine i was like WTF!!! i heard these things were fast but as the hours went on it got a little faster then a litte faster then after 10hr, it was like it came outta its shell. And also make sure your oil when the machine is warm , is half in between the bends on your dip stick. You dont want it to be over filled that will in time harm your motor and you'll be about 3mph slower.

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    I wiegh 230lbs and has 7 hours on it

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