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    Question polaris MFD warnings

    i recently purchased a sl750 and the guy has it wired so there is a circuit switch in between the battery and the CDI electical box.

    I took the ski out on the water this weekend and it stalled out. It started reading "HOT" and "OIL". could this ski be stalling out because the circuit switch he installed is gettin wet? It has no protective covering just exposed copper.

    also, any ideas why my ski still reads HOT and OIL. i checked all lines, none are clogged. replaced oil sending sensor and it still does it.

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    ski, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!

    I wouldn't ignore the warnings, frist check the overheat and make sure the oil tankis full.
    Is the hose leading from the exhaust pipe to the waterbox soft and rubbery or is it firm?
    When the MFD says HOT, can you put you palm on the cylinders and hold it there OR is it extremely hot to the touch?
    Have an infra-red reader that you can point on the cylinder and check the temp?
    When it says HOT can you dribble a few drops of water on the head? Does the water instantly evaporate or does it hang out on the dome for a little bit?
    Just some things to try.

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