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    Nozzle upgrade for XLT 1200?

    So I've heard that you can upgrade the xlt 1200 nozzle to a gp1200 nozzle, is that true? Would it help top speed?

    If so, who has one for sale????

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    XLT nozzle has a 3 degree angle, where the GP nozzle is at 5 degrees so pushes the nose of the ski up for less wetted area and more speed.

    I would do a swap with you GP nossle for the XLT nozzle

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    Do some of the pros have some input?

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    Asked and (nicely) answered.

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    Well, ok then. Is it just a bolt on from there?

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    You will have to tap 5 holes for the reverse bucket. But it is a straight bolt on from there.

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    Ok thank you.

    So this upgrade will provide more top speed?

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    will it give more top speed???

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    More than likely 1mph. If you want a 87mm order one from a 2000-2002. If you want a 85mm order one from a 2003-up. Your 3deg nozzle from your xlt is 87mm.

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    How would you guys consider doing this mod in regards to the OEM nozzles breaking?

    My logic may be flawed, but after hearing about that, I'm not sure if I would want to bolt on and 85mm nozzle to an 87mm pump.

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