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    Possible 250 on the way...

    Hey guys.

    I need a lil advice,

    As of now me and my dad both own 2 05 gpr's. I'm keepin mine till next year and my dad is keen on the ultra(Blue).

    What are the things (pros/cons) to look for other than its a mamoth?

    And what possible problems can come from new stock ultra? so far ive heard plugs, funny sealant job and peeling paint(red).


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    Exhaust hose clamps have found to be loose on a few of them. The paint was soft... NOT peeling. Grease on the pump seal causing cavitation. Sloppy silicone job on rideplate/intake/grate/pump. A few loose hood screws. Rubbing throttle cable on head area. Overfilled oil causing low rpms and oil ingestion into intake tract. Sticking throttle on top of grip.

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