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Thread: A major oops?

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    Exclamation A major oops?

    last weekend at the lake i ran my 650sx out of oil,i know i should premix but its done. i caught it after it tried to bind up once. i got a tow back and trailered it. but started it when i left it started fine. now i have oil in it it starts fine and sounds fine. what do you think is it time for a major overhaul? or will it survive a few more trips?

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    If you caught it then it should be fine. If its stock then i wouldnt rebuild untill its dead, then bore it and make it a monster. If its already a monster then you might want to pull your head and make sure that there is no scaring.

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    We did this once with a snowmobile. Once the ride cooled down and we put oil in the reservoir and fuel tank. Tore it down after the season was done. We put new pistons in it since it was appart, but they did not need to be replaced.

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    If it didnt lock up all the way,and you were lucky enough to just have the pistons /and or rings bind ,check your compression,I am sure it will be down a few psi in one or the other,I have seen kawa 650s in a ts rental ski that went 400hrs after that happened.However I have also seen major damage occur when a customer cont. to run his ski,after a few days a ring broke trashing a cylinder,also trashing a crank bearing rod big end.So If you could best thing is to pull it down possibly get by with a quick hone and new rings,or run it until it breaks,then perhaps it'll be pistons ,rings,crankshaft,and who knows.Its a gamble that I wouldnt take.JMHO>Marvin

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