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    Water in CDI box

    Anyone ever have this happen before? What were the symtoms that you experienced with this? Am hoping that after it dries out, will solve some of my problems.

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    I had it happen to my cane.
    I ran like crap, cut out and died.

    I dried the cdi in the sun for a couple days and brought it back to life.

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    Engine mis-fire under load is the most common problem but it will also cause a non start condition, it can take out MFD's and regulators etc.
    Be sure to install a new seal ring on re-assembly.
    What problems are you having?
    Be sure to look under the electrical board as water collects and ruins/shorts the underside of the board. If you see rust, replace the board.

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    The boards are cheap, got mine for 25 bucks from Atlantic Powersports. They are great to work with. Remember, just a little rust will turn into a lot of rust in no time.

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