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    Ski won't idle... help?

    2007 FX HO with 20 hours. I was out riding it and I started to feel a stumble/stutter. I cut it and started again to see if it would start back up and it only ran for about another 10 minutes. I fished around in the grate for a while to no avail. I managed to get it started again one more time, after letting it sit for almost an hour. I had to run at about half throttle and it only stayed running for a couple minutes. Ended up getting towed to a dock, hitchhiking back to my house and grabbing my boat to tow it back.

    I got it out of the water and eyeballed all around and can't find anything. I can get it it started, but it won't idle. At about 1/4 throttle or more it seems to run fine, but dies if I go any lower. And yes, I am running a hose through it while it's running on the trailer. Any suggestions? It's definitely within warranty, but if it's something that can be dealt with without having to take it to the shop, I'd prefer that.

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    i'm sorry, i wish i could help. there are plenty of riders on this forum who will help you out, good luck and hope its an easy fix my friend. welcome to the forum

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    So, nobody wants to throw in their $.02 on this? Not even what they'd check first? I'd really hate to take this into the shop and find out it's something silly.

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    Look real good in the pump are and make absolutely sure that there isnt anything on the drive shaft or in the prop.

    Check the plugs
    Check fuel filter
    Check for any air intake obstructions

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    check your compression, fuel lines/pick-up

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    maybe u should check your throttle cable.i dont think it will idle if its not adjusted right.

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    I'll check out all those bits. But if it's anything more than something I sucked up that's causing a problem, I'm gonna make the dealer fix it. What good's a warranty if I don't, right?

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    Finally got the ski into the shop. The mechanic was in disbelief, because they've had 0 problems with the '07s so far, but the stator was bad. Misfiring on two cylinders will, apparently, make things act funny. Thank god for warranties.

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    Got to admit, it's SOMETIMES the only way to save loads of time,if the dealers good,and they've got the right equipment to diagnose problems like that (and they know how to use it). At least it's something definate that's shown up, not some gremlin that doesn't show until you get half a mile out to sea, but never shows in the workshop! Good luck with it now it's sorted!

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