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    Whats in a RXX, and what can it do??

    Ok, so I saw a RXX on a trailer today and went to talk to the guy. He was a A$$ and wouldnt tell me anything about the ski. All I know is that they were fast but I cant find anything on the net that tells whats in it or anything really. Help me out.

    Oh yeah, what is the stock speed of a rxp on glass. A friend says he gps at 70.8, is that right??? If so then I need a new ski

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    RXP won't go 70 mph stock. I know that much.

    I also know the RXX is a pain in the ass because it needs to be wrenched on a lot.

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    Article >>>

    they are finicky.

    GPS shows consistently 64-66mph, can climb to 67-68 In smooth water

    Sea-Doo® racing begins a new chapter in dominance, the Sea-Doo RXX™ watercraft! We’ve exalted our commitment to grassroots-level racing with 160 horses of highly-designed steel and butt-kicking appeal, as the RXX comes equipped with the best high-performance parts in the industry and boasts the biggest production watercraft horsepower known to man. Take that!

    The RXX is destined to start another watercraft revolution, after all, it was spawned from the award-winning RX™ watercraft. And the RX is certainly no stranger to praise, it was named Watercraft World’s “Watercraft of the Year,” PWI’s “Musclecraft Shootout” winner, and “the best Sea-Doo ever built” according to Boating Magazine. If you’re a racer that wouldn’t mind being a part of history riding the newest member of the highest-acclaimed family tree, then the RXX has got your name written all over it. The competition-humbling Sea-Doo RXX is no slouch when it comes to its mechanical makeup, equipped with high-performance parts including a UMI billet aluminum steering system with wide handlebars; R&D Racing lever-activated trim system; Jettrim custom seat, traction mats, and bow-mounted spray deflector; Beach House Express adjustable sponsons; twin-pipe setup from Factory Pipe; modified Mikuni carburetors; R&D Racing flame arrestors; a reprogrammed Bombardier ignition system; and a 14-vane stainless steel jet pump/impeller/venturi nozzle combination with interchangeable rings from Skat-Trak.

    2001 RXX Model - Technical Specifications
    Length 112.3 in. (285 cm)
    Width 47.3 in. (120 cm)
    Height 40 in. (101.6 cm)
    Weight (dry) 623 lbs. (282.5 Kg)
    Rider Capacity 1
    Fuel Capacity (incl. reserve) 15.0 US Gallons (56.5L)
    Oil Capacity 1.6 US Gallons (6L)
    Storage Capacity 10.6 US Gallons (40.3L)
    Type Two-stroke, Twin-cylinder
    Rotax® R.A.V.E.? exhaust
    Bore x Stroke 88.04mm x 78.2mm
    Displacement 951.2 cc
    Compression ratio 6.1:1
    Intake system Rimoldi Double Carbon
    Fiber Reed Valves
    Carburetion (2) Modified Mikuni
    BN 46-42
    Flame arrestors R&D Racing high-flow
    flame arrestors
    Exhaust Factory Pipe - Twin pipe, dry exhaust system with Modified Bombardier waterbox
    Water by-pass UMI Billet
    Lubrication Variable Rate Oil Injection
    Cooling Water, open system
    Fuel type Minimum 91 octane unleaded
    Horsepower 160
    Propulsion system Skat Trak Magnum water
    jet pump
    Jet pump Full stainless steel, axial
    flow, single stage, 14 vane
    Transmission Direct drive
    Impeller Skat-Trak Stainless
    Steel Swirl
    Venturi/Nozzle Skat-Trak cast - adjustable
    Drive shaft Skat-Trak
    Hydraulic trim R&D Racing 2-position
    lever activated
    Ignition Digital DC-CDI with modified timing curve
    Starter Electric
    Battery 12-volt
    Rev limiter 8,000 RPM
    Type Semi-V, fiberglass reinforced, trued and blueprinted
    Color Sea?Doo Racing Yellow/Black
    Sponsons Beach House Express adjustable composite plate sponsons
    Deck pads Jettrim
    Spray deflector Jettrim
    Seat cover Jettrim
    Steering system UMI Billet Aluminum system
    Handlebars UMI Racing
    Handle Grips UMI soft rubber
    Tachometer STD, 90mm Analog
    D.E.S.S.? STD

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    EDIT: basically everything you'd want on a race ski...
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    MEH RX951 beat me to the punch

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    wow, thats sweet. Had to be in the high 60s then, i wish the guy that has it wasnt a prick. I would have liked to look a little closer. Why did they only make them for a year if it was so great?

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    no warranty so the general public didn't want one and it did not handle any where near as well as an XP so the racers didn't buy them either. Even though they only made 500, there was still new in the crate RXX's to bought last year.

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